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Love. The JA 37 fighter interceptor, introduced in 1979, featured the Ericsson PS 46/A radar, which was capable of guiding the medium-range semi-active radar homing RB 71 Skyflash air-to-air missiles. Williams, Antony G. There were dedicated warning caption panels each side of the pilot's legs. Saab AJ 37 Viggen Accidente E Incendio 04 May 2013 Fast Download Download VideoSaab AJ 37 Viggen Accidente E Incendio Free Download - Prototipo de caza sueco accidente, probablemente en 1972. Create a free website or blog at s/n 37957 c/n 56-21. In 1960, the U.S. ^ Gunston and Spick 1983, pp. In total, the electronics weighed 600kg, a substantial amount for a single-engine fighter of the era.[22].


38. ^ Coram 2002, p. ISBN 0-2303-6395-4. 244. "Low-Speed Stability Characteristics of a Cambered-Delta-Wing Model", NACA RM-L55L21a, 1956.


The lifting canard surfaces act as a vortex generator for the main wing and therefore provide more lift. SK 37 Two-seat trainer aircraft (Sk: Skol) with no radar and reduced fuel.[102] 17 built, with delivery from June 1972, serial numbers 37801-37817.[100] Decommissioned in 2003, 10 airframes converted to SK 37E. National Security Council, led by President Eisenhower, formulated a military security guarantee for Sweden, promising US military help in the event of a Soviet attack against Sweden; both countries signed a military-technology agreement. The SH 37 maritime strike and reconnaissance variant was very similar to the AJ 37 and differed mainly in a maritime-optimized PS 371/A radar with longer range, a cockpit air-data camera and tape recorder for mission analysis. ^ a b c Field 1974, p.


Stockholm: Information Department of the Air Staff, Flygstabens informationsavdelning, Swedish Air Force, 1983. 35 airframes modified. SF 37 Single-seat photographic reconnaissance aircraft (SF: Spaning Foto), with radar replaced by battery of cameras in nose, with provision for additional reconnaissance pods.[103] 28 built, with deliveries from April 1977, serial numbers 37950-37977.[100] 25 airframes upgraded to AJSF 37.[101] Partially decommissioned in 1998. 125. takeoff weight: 20,000 kg (44,000 lb) Powerplant: 1 Volvo RM8B afterburning turbofan, 72.1 kN / 125.0 kN afterburning (16,200 lbf dry, 28,110 lbf afterburning) . McLucas announced the YF-16 had been selected as the winner of the ACF competition.[92]. As it was, by 1975, all four countries opted to purchase the General Dynamics F-16 from America. Various munitions could be carried, such as several types of rockets: the 135mm M56GP 4kg armour-piercing, the M56B with 6.9kg of HE, and the M70 with a 4.7kg HEAT warhead.[41][pageneeded][70].


^ "Paris Airshow." Flight International, 29 May 1969. Crew: One Length: 16.4 m (53 ft 9 in) Wingspan: 10.6 m (34 ft 9 in) Height: 5.9 m (19 ft 4 in) Wing area: 46 m (500 ft) Empty weight: 9,500 kg (21,000 lb) Loaded weight: AJ 16,000 kg; JA 17,000kg (AJ 35,273 lb; JA 37,478 lb[118]) Max. At first, Saab planned for the Pratt & Whitney TF30 as the Viggens power source but it would not be ready in time. 6366. One radical requirement of the proposed aircraft was the ability for it to be operated from straight stretches of rural highways only 500 meters long; this was considered critical to reducing the vulnerability to attack in the event of a pre-emptive strike upon the nation through the dispersal of aircraft from established airbases to more austere improvised landing strips.[4][9] In order to enable such operations, this imposed several critical demands upon the design, including a modest landing speed, no-flare touchdown, powerful post-landing deceleration, accurate steering even in crosswinds on icy surfaces, and high acceleration on take-off.[7]. Home404 . ^ Field 1974, p. On later variants of the Viggen, from the JA37 onwards, it was decided to adopt a newer and more powerful computer, the American CD107, which was license-manufactured and further developed by Saab.[44] The computing techniques and concepts, such as distributed computing, went beyond use of the Viggen, in addition to civil-orientated derivatives, it directly contributed to the computers used on board the Viggen's replacement, the Saab JAS 39 Gripen.[44][46] Various electronic countermeasures (ECM) were installed upon the Viggen, these were typically provided by Satt Elektronik.[22] The ECM systems consisted of a Satt Elektronik radar warning receiver system in the wings and the tail,[47] an optional Ericsson Erijammer pod and BOZ-100 chaff/flare pod. f682aff184

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